Weatherford, Oklahoma is a growing micropolitan area located 70 miles west of Oklahoma City. Weatherford is home to Southwestern Oklahoma State University, the employer of over 790 people, and other companies like Walmart, Devon Energy, and B.O.P. Ram.

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Quick Facts

Total MSA Population                                41,152

   Average Household Income                         $59,800

College Percent 4 Year Plus                        24.00%

Some College Percent                                  28.00%

  Median Housing Value                                  $86,779

Number of Employees (Full Time)             17,146

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pop-trend-300x214 cityWeatherford has been increasing in population consistently since 1990. Looking on to 2019, the projected growth rate is at 6.42%.pop-by-age cityWeatherford’s median age stands at 33 years with 50.64% of the population being female and 49.35% of the population being male.population-by-race cityThe most predominant race is White at 76.81%. The least represented race is Asian at .77%.household-income1 city

The predominant household income category is $20k to $50k, and the income group that is least represented in this geography is $150K.

The average household income has raised from $38,973 in 2000 to $59,800.
The median houshold income in 2000 was at $28,890 and now stands at $45,785.avg-home-value-300x150 cityThe value of homes has risen from $105,2001 in 2012 to $110,312 currently.

Projected Population Growth Areas Within 5 Yearsprojected-growth city

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Weatherford Community Analysis 2nd Qtr 2014 Data

Information provided by: Ray Murphy at Northeastern State University and the Oklahoma Department of Commerce