Drug Abuse Resistance Education” is a program noted throughout the World. The Weatherford Police Department currently has 2 officers trained as D.A.R.E. instructors. We instruct D.A.R.E. in all grade levels of our school system as well as in our neighboring communites of Hydro and Washita Heights.

We feel very strong concerning the education of our young people about the use and abuse of drugs. This program has been received by our youth in a very positive way, and again allows officers to have a “one on one” relationship.

“Bob” the nickname given to our D.A.R.E. car has proven to be one of the biggest draws for our young people. Through donations of equipment by concerned citizens, this vehicle gets the attention of young people again allowing officers to strengthen their relationship, which is so valuable in today’s society. “Bob” has traveled across the State of Oklahoma appearing at the State Capital, D.A.R.E. car shows, the Oklahoma City Blazers Hockey game and parades.

2017 D.A.R.E. Graduation with Rumble