Open Records Act

It is the desire of the Weatherford Police Department to fulfill its re=quirement under the Oklahoma Open Records Act.

Employees receive training as to the ORA and to the Oklahoma Attorney Generals opinions as to the interpetation of the ORA.
If you have a desire for information that is available under the Open Records Act please fill out the form provided below and present your request and the form  at the Weatherford Police Department anytime of the day or night. You will be given prompt courteous assistance. You will also be given information on the length of time it may take to provide you with the information.
Simple request should be able to be fulfilled within minutes. However more complex request may take hours or even days to search / research the information and may take hours to compile the information for release.

       What the Law Says:
The Open Records Act specifically states that we shall have a person available 8:AM to 5:PM on all normal working weekdays, for the purpose of fullfilling the Open Records Act.

The Open Records Act can be found in Title 51 O.S. 2001 & Supp.2003, 24A.1 to 24A.29 . There are always changes ocurring to this law, so a good source for an up to date, laymans understanding of the ORA is the Okahoma Attorney Generals web site.