Recycling Etiquette

Earth Day education in WPSGoal: To operate a sustainable recycling program

To achieve our goal the the City of Weatherford encourages its citizens abide by the following:


1.  Do dispose of any small, remaining product in the container before recycling the

2.  Do rinse containers (plastic and tin cans)
Clean containers make it safer for people who sort, process, and transport
the recycled material. Clean containers bring a higher price when sold.

3.  Break down cardboard.
More cardboard can be placed in the trailer which results in fewer trips to unload
at the processing site.

4.  Pre-sort at home. It will be easier when you go to the recycle center

5.  Do place the recycled item in the designated receptacle.

6.  Do place non-recycle material in the dumpster in the alley to the north of the
Recycling Center.


1.   Don’t recycle dirty items.

2.  Don’t put medical waste such as tubing and syringes in the plastic trailer.

3.  Don’t place items in the incorrect receptacle.

4.  Don’t leave any item that does not have a designated receptacle.

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