To see animals that are in need of returning to their owner, visit the Weatherford, OK Animal Control Facebook page.
Need an animal to be picked up? Contact the police department at (580)-772-7791

About The Animal Shelter

 The Weatherford Animal Shelter has a total of 21 runs for various animals that may be picked up. Two of the runs can hold large dogs, like Great Dane’s, or mother’s with litters. There are also two runs that can hold really small dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies. Although it varies from day to day, Animal Control can expect to pick up around 5-6 animals a week on average. About 4-5 years ago, the Weatherford Animal shelter had a 43% euthanasia rate. As of last year, the shelter reduced that to about 13%!

animal-control-collage2animal-control-collage1Preventative Measures

In order to prevent losing your beloved pet who is apart of the family, the Weatherford Animal Control encourages people to look into investing in microchip technology that would allow a more efficient way of finding your pet in a shorter amount of time. In case your pet does get loose, it’s also important that your pet friend has up-to-date vaccinations to not only protect other people and animals but to protect the pet’s health as well. The Weatherford Animal control truly cares about preserving every animal’s life and it would make their job much easier if these steps were taken on the owner’s part!