Get Started Recycling

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If you are not currently recycling, it can seem confusing at first. These tips will help you get started.


1. Find out what can be recycled in your city. Please rinse plastic containers and metal (tin) cans before

2. Acquire containers for your recyclables until you have enough to make a trip to one of the drop off sites.
Main recycling center:
City of Weatherford Recycling Center – Corner of S. Illinois and  E.Clark St.
Drop-off sites:
Weatherford Daily News, 118-120 S Broadway – Behind their building
Weatherford Public Schools
Between Burcham Elementary & High School, 1500 N Washington
Middle School, 509 N Custer Street
Weatherford Shopping Center, 320 N Washington St. – East side of parking lot
YMCA Child Development Center, 1500 Airport Road

3. The containers can be as simple as large plastic bags, one for each of the items you are going to
recycle. Cardboard boxes filled with plastic bags are inexpensive and a good way to keep the
recyclables organized. A step up in cost is to use plastic trash cans or you can purchase stainless
steel containers to collect your recyclables.

4. When you go to the Recycling Center, please put your recyclables in the proper receptacle.
See Recycling Etiquette for more information.